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Confusing Real Estate News? An Agent Can Help

Thursday, December 11, 2014   /   by Glaiza Narvaez

Confusing Real Estate News? An Agent Can Help



December 11, 2014  by  JOSH ROY


Confusing Real Estate News? An Agent Can Help



Below are the headlines from three separate news releases issued over a one month period:


11/3/2014 - Millions of Potential New Households Waiting Out the Recovery


11/11/2014 - Experts: First-Time Homebuyers' Weak Finances Holding Back Housing Market


And then, the contrarian view:


12/2/2014 - In 2015, Millennials Will Be Biggest Home Buying Group


It sure seems that the group that released the first two stories emphatically disagrees with the organization that published the last news release.

Amazingly, the same entity published all three reports. What?

It seems the company (a well-respected provider of housing information) reported that those forming new households are not looking to buy a home. They actually surveyed over one hundred housing experts who agreed. But 30 days later, they reported that millennials (most new households) will be the biggest group of home buyers this year. All in one month!!

All the headlines could actually be true. However, a consumer reading them might be misled. This is evidence of how difficult it is to actually understand the intricacies of today’s housing market. Even the experts can seem confused.


Bottom Line


If you are thinking of either buying or selling a home, it is probably best to engage a local real estate professional to help you successfully navigate the ins-and-outs of today’s real estate transaction.